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Kindergarten: This was 'B' week and we were as busy as bees! We were excited to hear that Rylan Larson got to sleep with the "Clifford Quilt," our class project--his mom was the highest bidder. Thanks everyone who helped our cause! Good turnout, fun night. We celebrated Fat Tuesday to help us prepare for Ash Wednesday. Lent is here.

Grade 1: We are working very hard on finishing up our class book to be ready for publishing. We started Lent on Wednesday by attending Ash Wednesday Mass. In math we are working with inches and converting graphs to tables. In social studies we are starting to learn about people of different cultures. In science we are learning about the sky and weather. This week in reading we are learning about animal teams-- animals that help each other out.

Grade 2: The second graders have completed their math unit on graphs and tables. We learned how to take a survey and to convert the information to a horizontal or vertical picture graph or bar graph. We are also writing a class story that we will use to create a book that we are going to have published into a hard cover book.

Grade 3: In math we are working on a unit to review time. We are working with elapsed time and clock angles. We will continue toward mastering our multiplication and division facts. In social studies we are reviewing some of the regions of the United States that we discussed in daily geography. We are thinking about our Lenten journey and what we can do to change something in our life for the better during Lent.

Grade 4: The fourth graders continue to work on multiplication. We have learned how to use many different methods to find answers to multi-digit problems. We have used the rectangle section method, the rectangle row method, expanded notation, and the shortcut method. We are also listening to the classic "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Grade 5: The fifth graders are learning the difference between homophones this week in spelling. We have also started a new unit on multiplication this week. We are reviewing the different methods you can use to solve large problems. We also started a new unit in social. We are learning about the New England colonies.

Grade 6: This week we learned about and read myths. In spelling we are practicing words with the -ation, -ion, and -tion endings. Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, was on Wednesday. During Lent we are trying to be more prayerful and giving. During math we learned about interest rates and how they can greatly affect money situations.

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Mar. 9 - Fish Fry

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