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Kindergarten: What a week! We are 100 days smarter as of this week. We celebrated and celebrated. We also shared our love with one another for Valentine's Day. E was the letter we worked with this week and our new word is "this". We are anxious to hear who buys our class project---come to the Celebration for Education to find out.

Grade 1: We worked with words with the long i sound this week (igh, ie, and y). We read the story "The Kite" from Days with Frog and Toad. We worked on converting picture graphs to tables in math. Tuesday was our 100th day of school. We got 100 candy hearts and counted them and then graphed them according to color. In social studies we are finishing up our unit about how things were long ago and how they have changed over time.

Grade 2: We read "Mice and Beans" this week. We were also studying reality and fantasy. We decided that parts of our story could be real, and the parts where the mice appear to be like people are fantasy. In science we learned about ways to conserve the Earth's resources by using the 3 Rs. The Rs remind us to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever we can.

Grade 3: The third graders are reading part of a Beverly Cleary Ramona book in their reading book. She is an enjoyable character and the third graders think she would have been a fun friend to have. They also completed the last of the American Girl Felicity books. They give an interesting view of colonial times just before the Revolutionary War. The class watched the movie version of the books as part of their Valentine's Day celebration. They were disappointed to see how much books are changed as they are made into movies and were glad we had read the six books in the series first. Thanks to Officer Anita for talking to us about our safety and what to do in difficult situations. We are excited to see who buys our class project, a "Pie Safe" that we punched the tin for, at the St. Mary's Dinner and Auction this weekend.

Grade 4: The fourth graders have been busy multiplying and practicing how to solve multi-digit word problems in math class. We find if we read the problem at least twice it is easier for us to find the steps we need to take to solve it. In social studies we are finishing a unit on the first colonies that came to America.

Grade 5: We have been busy working on temperature and finding elapsed time in math class. We are also reading a novel by Jerry Spinelli called Wringer. It brings up great discussions about talking to adults when things are worrying you. We were also lucky enough to have Officer Anita Liebl come to our school to teach the kids about being safe.

Grade 6: We read Rumplestiltskin's Daughter during reading and discussed the problems and solutions in the story. In math we are learning about percents and changing percents to decimals and fractions. Officer Anita came to school to teach us about safety in various situations.

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