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Kindergarten: This week we worked with the letter R--that's a fun letter! In math we are working with numbers all the way to 100 and are busy with adding and subtracting. We celebrated Piper Swanson this week; it was her Wonderful Week. We got to meet Piper's family and even tour "The Bank of the West" where her mom works.

Grade 1: We are back working hard after our fun Catholic Schools Week. In math we are learning about comparing data with picture graphs. In reading we read a story about Cesar Chavez and how he helped farm workers. In science we are learning about how we can conserve and preserve our natural resources. We found it very interesting in social studies when we looked at how transportation has changed over time.

Grade 2: In social studies we are comparing today's transportation and communication with long ago. We discussed how technology has improved our way of life and made it easier. We also imagined what new advances in technology might be in place 30 years from now when we are all adults. It sounds like there may be many types of rocket cars that fly us where we want to go. In science we are studying rocks and soil. We learned that soil is made up of tiny rocks and decaying plants and animals.

Grade 3: In math we continue to work on multiplication and concentrated on our square numbers and worked with mixed word problems and multi-step word problems. In geography we discussed the northeast region of the United States. We are all working on the final draft of our "Treasure Book" and will start on the illustrations when it is completed. We look forward to Fr. Bob's return this weekend.

Grade 4: This week in math we started a unit on multiplying two and three digit numbers. We are learning how to use expanded notation and algebraic notation to help us with this. In social class we are learning about The Virginia Colony. In religion class we are discussing the four cardinal virtues; prudence, temperance, justice, and fortitude.

Grade 5: In math class this week we are learning how to find the volume of an object. We have also been learning how to relate volume, area and length. In social we are learning about the Plymouth Colony and the pilgrim's journey. In reading we learned about the third person point of view.

Grade 6: This week in math we are writing ratios, equivalent ratios, unit rates, and proportions. In science we are learning about atoms and energy. Congratulations to Katie Giese our 2012 Catholic Schools Week Cribbage Champion. Tate Nelson was the runner-up.

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