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Talking it Over: Remembering that it's winter

Katie Erdman

It is hard to remember that it is winter.

I have to keep reminding myself that this is winter. The warm temperatures and lack of snow make it feel more like early spring or late fall. Thus far, this is certainly the winter that wasn't.

Because we haven't had a blizzard or extremely cold weather, we can enjoy the winter in fun ways. I recently experienced some winter fun at a fishing contest where you could not only fish, but also do some ice skating, sledding and have a bonfire on the ice. There was this frosty layer on everything along the shoreline creating a beautiful background. It was a great way to do some winter activities despite the lack of snow.

This winter we have not been able to ride snowmobiles or get out the sleds and slide down hills. The snow skis may have to sit in the closet for another year unless you visit a ski resort. Ice fishing has been pushed back a few months, but the lakes now seem to be getting better with thicker layers of ice. Despite the weather, there are still some winter activities to keep us busy and remind us that it really is winter.

The best part of a winter like this is that nothing gets cancelled or postponed. We don't have to worry about rescheduling events or about people traveling to and from them. There may still be some cancellations, but it would be due to the lack of winter rather than the fury of winter.

I am enjoying this winter and love the fact that we don't have blizzards or drifting snow to worry about. The only problem I am having is finding enough time to do some of my long-awaited winter projects like working on puzzles or cross-stitching. There haven't been any stormy days to just stay inside and keep warm with those favorite past-times.

As I visit with friends who have planned winter vacations to warm destinations, I don't feel like I am missing out on much by spending the winter at home. I don't need to get away from this winter in order to be warm. The warmer climates simply don't have the same appeal when you can enjoy great weather here at home. Even though it would be nice to take a winter vacation, it is just as easy to do something around here and not travel as far.

I am very aware that this is a rare occurence and that, most likely, winter will be back with a vengeance next year (or maybe in March). In the meantime, I am going to enjoy it and keep reminding myself that it really is winter.