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Talking it over - Forgetting the basics

I forgot one of the basic things I learned as a new parent. To always be prepared for the unexpected when it comes to children.

Last Friday, my husband and I volunteered to watch our two granddaughters, Jaedyn, age 4, and Josie, nearly 2. We thought it would be fun to take them to the basketball games in Hancock and also the perfect time for me to get pictures of the boys' and girls' games. The girls were so excited to go to the game and quickly learned that it also meant getting some "treats".

We got to the game and after getting all the warm winter clothing off, sat down to watch with the first treats, some M & Ms. Soon the girls talked Grandpa into getting ice cream and returned to watch the game. Josie barely had two licks and promptly dropped the cone, luckily landing on my camera bag. I scrapped off the top layer of ice cream, cleaned up the bag as best I could, and returned the cone to her. Several minutes later, and lots of trips for napkins, the cones were gone. Josie took longer to eat hers because she had to hand it to Grandpa every time a bucket was scored so she could clap. It didn't matter which team scored, she clapped for everyone.

The girls' game was nearly over and we were looking forward to the boys' game when my husband nudged me and asked "did you remember to bring a diaper"? My response was "oh, no!" I forgot the basic rule of taking children somewhere, always bring a diaper bag filled with necessary items.

Without the needed diaper we decided to bundle up the girls and head for home. I was disappointed to miss the boys' game but the little girls were getting pretty tired.

It was a great night, despite that little incident, and the girls can't wait to go to another basketball game. I am not sure quite yet if it is to see another game or get some more treats but, either way, I will remember to bring along some necessary supplies, just in case.