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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: This was a wild week! We celebrated Catholic Schools Week in great fashion. We had many activities and wore a lot of different attire. Eighty's Day was a bit scary for me but the kids looked great. Thanks to all of you who support St. Mary's in any way. We appreciate it. Even though our week was fun packed, we did get some learning done too!

Grade 1: What a week! We celebrated Catholic Schools Week with some great activities. We had an awesome time bowling on Tuesday and skiing on Friday. In reading we worked on identifying the setting of the story and what the characters did in those settings. In math we finished up Unit 5 on numbers to 100 and 2-digit addition and subtraction. In social studies we talked about how communities change over time and in science we talked about the importance of preserving the resources of water and air and not polluting.

Grade 2: We have taken this week to review in reading and spelling. We are also beginning to plan for our class book. In math, we are working with graphs and tables. We are making comparisons and converting information from one type of graph to another. We have had a fun-filled week for Catholic Schools Week and enjoyed our dress up days, bowling and skiing. The second graders also participated in a classroom checkers tournament.

Grade 3: We all enjoyed our celebration of Catholic Schools Week. We played board games with the entire school on Monday and had a great time bowling on Tuesday. Our dress up day fancy lunch on Wednesday was special and curling up with a good book in our PJs on Thursday was fun! We left "balloon head" replicas of ourselves in our desks on Friday as we enjoyed the perfect weather for a day of skiing at Andes Tower Hills. We even managed to keep up on our school work in between the fun activities! Derek Giese found the hidden medallion in our classroom on the very first day of the hunt.

Grade 4: The fourth graders started a unit in math on multi-digit multiplication problems. We also had a great time celebrating Catholic Schools Week! We have been bowling, skiing, and had a Trivial Pursuit tournament. We also had a chance to dress up as what we want to be when we get older. We had nurses, pilots, coaches, basketball players, and chefs. It was a great week!

Grade 5: We have had a great time celebrating Catholic Schools Week! We teamed up and had a Trivial Pursuit tournament in our classroom. We traveled to other rooms for game day and played Twister, Scrabble Flash, Trouble, Checkers, and Bingo. We also dressed up like we used to in the 80s. It was totally awesome! In math we worked on comparing and ordering fractions.

Grade 6: We had a fun time celebrating Catholic Schools Week. We had a classroom cribbage tournament, dressed up for the daily theme, went bowling, had game time, and went skiing. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to go to St. Mary's School.

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