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Looking Back

60 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of February 1, 1952

County Teachers Association was formed Monday- representatives from rural schools and from schools in the four villages of Stevens County met with the Morris Teachers Association to organize a county teachers association. The aim is to help county teacher members attain a higher professional level as well as to improve the teachers' status from a more practical standpoint. From a self-interest standpoint the association seeks unified sick leave provisions for the teachers; better professional libraries; group insurance; and better extension courses. Temporary officers of the new association are Dan Moriarty of Morris, president; and V.E. Shroyer of Hancock, secretary. Members of the nominating and constitution committee are Mrs. Adolph Olson, Alberta; Mrs. Phyllis Baley, Chokio; Lavina Pramann, Morris; Mrs. Sather, Donnelly; Mrs. O.K. Alger, Hancock; and County Supt. Norene Hanson for the rural teachers.

Feb. 5 and 6 are "Town-wide Dollar Days" in Morris in a continuation of the monthly bargain shopping days in the city sponsored by merchants and the Morris Civic and Commerce Association. The February issue of the Morris Shopping News will be giving full details of Dollar Days and of the hundreds of merchandise values that stores are making available to shoppers on those days. Incidentally, it is important that shopper do get a copy of the Shopping News for on the first page therof is a registration coupon by means of which a person can become eligible for one of a number of cash prizes and trade certificates, in a total value of $112.50, which will be given away on the special feature attraction of February Dollar Days. The drawing for the prizes, which includes 25 silver dollars as first prize, 15 silver dollars for second prize and 25 trade certificates valued at $2.50 each as consolation prizes, will be held at the Merchants Hotel corner at 4 o'clock Wednesday afternoon.

D.J. "Pete" Kolling today is announcing the grand opening of Kolling Motors, Morris' Dodge-Plymouth agency, for Saturday, Feb. 2 and he is extending an invitation to the public to visit the firm's headquarters. Mr. Kolling recently purchased the Breck-Dickey Motor company and since that time has redecorated the salesroom and otherwise improved the headquarters in readiness for the formal grand opening.

40 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of February 3, 1972

Queen of the Sno-Ball, Marcella Weiler, received her royal robe of office from last year's Sno-Ball queen, Joyce Estenson. Miss Weiler and Sno-Ball King Mark Huebner will reign over the annual Morris High School Sno-Ball at the junior high gym this Friday night. The royal pair were named and crowned at the formal ceremony before the student body Tuesday afternoon.

A new report "Eighty-four Years of Weather Reporting in West Central Minnesota," has recently been published by the West Central Experiment Station at Morris. This is the first of two publications describing 84 years of weather at Morris. The bulletin deals primarily with averages and extremes of certain weather occurrences observed since 1886. A second publication will emphasize the probabilities of certain of these weather occurrences. The authors of the publication are D.D. Warnes and S.D. Evans, agronomist and soil scientist at West Central Experiment Station, and E.A. Hallauer, computer programmer, Agricultural Research Service, USDA, at Morris. The weather station at Morris was established April 15, 1885, with D.T. Wheaton as the first observer.

After 11 years of holding church services in the basement of the proposed new First Baptist Church on Lyndale Avenue, work is now underway to build the main portion of the new church edifice. Members of the congregation and Pastor Curly J. Werth are presently constructing the rafters and walls for the frame building under cover at the Stenerson Lumber Co. When weather permits they will move the completed sections to the church to start the structure which will measure 40 by 60 feet when finished. When completed the new church will have a seating capacity of around 200. The basement will be used for classrooms.

Clarence Ettesvold, treasurer of the Stevens Soil and Water Conservation District and past president of the state association of districts, and Lawrence Parson, chairman of the Stevens District, were awarded the plaque to Stevens County at the recent annual meeting of the state association in St. Cloud. The plaque recognized the Stevens SWCD for its "Excellent" rating on its 1971 accomplishments. Stevens was one of only 14 districts in the state which received "Excellent" ratings and plaques for their 1971 work. The plaques were presented by The Farmer Magazine.

All classes in the Morris public schools have been canceled for Friday, Feb. 4, in tribute to the memory of William A. (Bill) Coombe, long-time member of the junior high school faculty who died unexpectedly Tuesday.

20 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of January 30, 1992

The City will not be able to get insurance for the Tube Hill and Council members Tuesday night directed the city staff to put up a "Closed" sign. City Manager Ed Larson told the Council that Mike Tate at Morris State Agency had received a letter from a risk services company. That letter said the company would not be able to cover tube hill activities since they were not typical risk exposures of a city. Larson said people are using the hill for sledding, and there are some unsafe conditions there with the poles that had been used for the ropes to bring tube sliders back up. Mayor Lee Swanson said special coverage might be available for a sledding hill. He said he hated to see it closed since it gets tremendous use. City attorney Charlie Glasrud recommended that for now, though, there be a closed sign on the hill and the Police Dept. should be asked to tell people who are using it to leave.

Berklee College of Music announces that Benjamin K. Klinger, son of Eric and Karla Klinger of Morris has earned placement on the Dean's List for the Fall semester of the 1991/92 academic year. Upon graduation from Berklee, Klinger, who is majoring in Arranging, will qualify as a multi-skilled professional able to respond to a variety of musical challenges.

Anne Stewart Uehling, a senior at the University of Minnesota, Morris from Morris, is student teaching in Ely. Uehling is working in the English department under the supervision of Mr. Haugen and Ms. Koschak.

Joyce Rawleigh, a senior at the University of Minnesota, Morris from Hancock, co-authored two papers on the effect of yohimbine on odor preference in mice. Working with Rawleigh on the first paper titled "Yohimbine does not impair performance on an olfactory discrimination," was Ernest Kemble, UMM professor of psychology. This particular paper was printed in the "Bulletin of Psychonomic Society." The other paper was co-authored by Rawleigh, Kemble, and Matthew Behrens and Brett Gibson, two former UMM students. This paper was titled "Effects of Yohimbine on Isolation-Induced Aggression, Social Attraction, and Conspecific Odor Preference in Mice," and appeared in the journal of "Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior."