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Literature in a Hurry: Be cautious with voter ID

Kim Ukura

I spent the first part of 2011 living in Madison, Wisc. If you were paying attention to politics from Wisconsin last year, you know that it was a tumultuous time. One particular measure that made me angry that I fear is being repeated here in Minnesota is a push to require photo IDs to vote.

You can learn more about the measure in a linked story by our capitol reporter.

I'm not opposed to the idea that people should need to prove their identity when they show up at the pools, and a photo ID is probably the best day to do that. But the law put in place in Wisconsin is so draconian in nature that it disenfranchises many voters.

Among other issues, the Wisconsin law requires that the address on your photo ID must match your current address. For students or other people who frequently move (or don't have a permanent address), this requirement is too much. For example, the address on my driver's license hasn't matched the location I voted in for the last eight years because I was a student and moved every year. Under Wisconsin's law, I would have had to pay for a new ID each year or I wouldn't have been able to vote.

If Minnesota is going to add a photo ID requirement to make citizens eligible to vote, it needs to be written in a way that allows more people to vote, not discourages or disqualifies eligible citizens.