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Talking it over - A time to learn

No matter how old or wise a person may be there is still time and things to learn. Each day we should try to pick up something new, whether it is through reading, watching TV, listening to other people or observing things around us.

As we learn, however, we also sometimes need to take a break from our daily routines and become educated in other ways. For example taking time off from a job but still making sure we are keeping our minds active during the break. Stimulating them with new adventures, places or concepts.

I recently took a break from my daily routine to attend the annual newspaper convention. Even as I relaxed a bit, I also learned some new ideas and shared common problems and solutions with my peers. It is always a fun and challenging few days away from the regular working hours.

It is important not to just idle away your days unless you are on a well-deserved vacation from whatever keeps you busy. We all need to break away from our daily tasks or we could be referred to as a 'work-aholic'. But even as we 'idle away' some of our time we can also keep our mind active and alive with new ideas.

After my short break, it is a bit difficult to get back into a regular routine, but in some ways I feel more refreshed and ready to face those same challeges I have faced for the last few months. I am ready to put into action the things that I have learned and research some of the other ideas more thoroughly.

I am always ready to recommend vacations no matter how short. There is nothing better for the working mind than a break from the everyday routine. In some cases it helps recharge the mind even as you refresh the body.