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Kindergarten: Another four day week -- we could get used to this! We learned the letter H this week and the word "are." In math we did some sequencing, patterning and ordinal numbers. We want to invite all of you to church tomorrow so you can help us kick off our week of celebration of Catholic Schools Week.

Grade 1: We read a folktale from France this week called "Drakes Tail" and we worked on making predictions and checking if they were correct. In math we worked on teen addition and subtraction problems with a new strategy called "make a ten" strategy. In science we are just beginning our unit called "Caring for Earth." We are excited to have some measurable snow - the first graders have been praying for it!

Grade 2: The second graders are studying areas labeled rural, urban and suburban for social studies. We learned that we live in a rural area with lots of farm land and not so many people. In reading class, we read a story called "A Trip to the Emergency Room." We learned about the people who care for us in the emergency room, from admissions to nurse and doctor. Some of us shared our experiences about being in the emergency room and what it was like.

Grade 3: The third graders are completing their practice on cursive letters and are making the transition to doing their class work in cursive. They worked on multiplication and division with the number six and realized that there are only a few facts left they have not been introduced to. The class began their Basic Aid Training (BAT) with Mrs. Folkman. Report cards went home on Friday and the class is looking forward to all the fun activities that will be going on during Catholic Schools Week.

Grade 4: The fourth graders are learning about polygons and naming them. We have learned the names of the polygons with up to 12 sides. In reading class we continue to talk about fairy tales. In spelling we are working on words with letter combinations that are hard to keep in order-like friend, believe, and neighbor.

Grade 5: The fifth graders have started to work on adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. We worked very hard on equivalent fractions, so now finding common denominators is coming pretty easy to us. In reading we finished the read aloud novel we have been working on, Walk to Moons. The kids thought it was interesting to see their teacher cry over a book!

Grade 6: Congratulations to Tate Nelson for winning the St. Mary's Geography Bee. This week we performed a skit at Mass depicting the Apostle Paul being spoken to by Jesus. In math we made line graphs and experimented with ways in which data can be manipulated using different kinds and sizes of graphs.

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