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One Act play to be presented at Hancock High School

by Bethany Jensen

Students from Hancock High School will be performing the one act play "Running Upstream" by Bryan McCampbell on Saturday, January 28 at their sub-section one act competition. The sub-section competition will be hosted this year at the Paynesville High School. Hancock is set to perform at 10am.

"All you have to do is look in his eyes and you can see the wheels turning a million miles a minute. Problem is, not too many people take the time to look for his eyes, past his arms and legs. Sometimes, even me." These are Danny Osgood's thoughts concerning his brother, David, played by Levi Carter, who is entering mainstream high school despite his physical handicaps. When Danny, played by Jerrid Jepma, is mistakenly given the credit for David's poetry, friends and family are forced to realize that they, too, need to look past the handicap to the young man within.

Performances by Bethany Jensen, Emily Cunningham, and Micheal Vasek round out the cast of characters that have impacts on the Osgood brothers. Brooke Jepma, Jadin Copa, Dylan Swensrud, Eric Vasek, and Ian Schmidgall also lend themselves to the telling of this play.

This is the first time Hancock director, Nicole Schmidt, has directed a drama. "I challenged the actors to be very real with their characters." This play is an eye opener for all people reminding viewers of the importance of being kind to one another. Ms. Schmidt and the cast and crew, consisting of Adam Sanders, Brendan Jensen, and Justin Miller, hope that you appreciate the message told in this play. That message is to look past the outer appearance of people to see who they really are.

"Running Upstream" will be performed in Hancock one time, on Saturday, January 28 at 7:00 P.M. on the Hancock Stage. "We hope to see you there!"