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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: This was a review week of our letters and words. We also celebrated Cate Kehoe's Wonderful Week and her birthday. We got to meet her family, grandparents and cousins. On Friday, we toured Willie's because that's where Cate's Uncle Jay works. It was a good week!

Grade 1: Another short and busy week. We had a challenging spelling list with 3-letter consonant blends (split, strike, scrub, etc.) this week. We read some stories about schools around the world and did some comparing and contrasting with our school. In math we are working with numbers up to 100, the dollar and number partners that make 100. In science we finished up our chapter "Looking at Earth" and took our test. We found weathering and how it changes rocks and erosion and how it changes the land very interesting.

Grade 2: In math class, we finished a unit on telling time to the nearest minute and figuring out elapsed time. We also completed our earth science unit on land forms and water forms found on earth. We studied the layers of the earth called the crust, the mantle and the core in this unit as well.

Grade 3: In spelling this week the third graders worked with words that had double consonants. We continued to work with our multiplication and division skills and applied them to work with perimeter and area. In religion we discussed making good choices and making sacrifices. We are missing going outside at recess because of this cold January weather but we are grateful for the beautiful weather we have experience this winter!

Grade 4: The fourth graders are working on using congruent triangles to make different kinds of quadrilaterals like rectangles, rhombuses, and parallelograms in math class. We are also reading a fairy tale in reading and are working on our first drafts and illustrations for our books that will be published.

Grade 5: The fifth graders are working on subtracting fractions with like denominators this week. We will soon be working on reviewing how to find common denominators. In religion class we are learning about how to try to find good in things that happen that we don't like. We talked about St. Patrick and how he turned his life around after being enslaved and became a priest and helped people.

Grade 6: We are getting back into the routine after being gone last week to ELC. We had a fabulous time and made many lifelong memories. We are recording our memories of the trip in our Student Treasure books. In math we are learning how to make graphs both on paper and using Microsoft Excel. Congratulations to Maria Schneider, Tate Nelson, Katie Giese and Kevin Hennen for advancing to the school's Geography Bee!

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Jan. 23 Teacher Workshop: No School

Jan. 29 Start of Catholic Schools Week

Feb. 2 Dinner & Magician