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Talking it Over: Card games are good winter fun

Katie Erdman

Cold winter days make me think of cards and card parties. I love to play cards in the winter, and getting together with a group of friends for a card party makes it even better. However, if that isn't possible, just playing with a group of four is also quite fun.

Several years ago, my husband and I were part of a card club. In fact, we were part of two different card clubs over the years. One of the groups played four point Smear and the other group played Court Whist. I enjoyed both games and there was always lots of great food, fun and conversation at the parties mixed in with the competition.

I haven't played either of these games for quite a few years and I had to look up the rules to Court Whist on the Internet to refresh my memory. It described the score cards and rules of the game which quickly came back to me.

One of the events where we always played Court Whist was at our Homemakers Christmas party. We started out the evening with fun and laughter but as the games progressed, there were less friendly conversations going on. The rules, even though they were spelled out on the score card, were often challenged and ruled 'unfair'.

It was all in fun however and prizes were awarded to the high scoring male and female and low scoring male and female at the end of the night. We soon found out that if the cards were not in your favor, you might as well go for the low prize. Since the partners rotated, this meant that you were also bringing someone else down with you.

The prizes, snacks and great food served at the end of the games made it all worth it but you knew that there were some people possibly holding a grudge, ready to 'take you down' the next time around. With our card groups, this usually meant once a month with the host and hostess varying each month.

In many ways I miss those monthly card parties. I think our busy schedules put an end to them and now most of the people we gathered with would just as soon stay home where it is warm rather than venture out on cold winter nights. Besides, we probably wouldn't be able to stay up as late as we did in those days.

I did notice through my computer search that some of these games can be played on the computer in the warm comfort of your home. This might be a fun way to play the games but you would miss out on the interaction with others. The memories you make and maybe even a few short-term enemies. All in fun and part of the game. You got to love card games in winter.