Weather Forecast


Weather news: warmup by the weekend

Our crazy weather has caused area fishing tournaments to have to change the dates of their events because of ice concerns on area lakes. The Alexandria event will now take place on Feb. 11 on Lake Le Homme Dieu. The Brainerd event also had to move their contest date due to ice concerns and the safety of anglers.

Over the weekend two high school graduates died after their snowmobile plunged through thin ice on Lake Charlotte in Rockport. Due to the mild temperatures this winter the lake has not been frozen over completely according to authorities.

The colder temperatures this week will certainly help out the situation on area lakes, but in the meantime please use extra caution when fishing, snowmobiling, skating, and just walking on area lakes. Again this has been an usual winter so the rules of past winters do not apply at this stage.

Weather facts: Wind chill is the felt air temperature on exposed skin due to wind. The wind chill temperature is always lower than the air temperature, and the windchill is undefined at the higher temps (above 10 °C [50 °F]). Humidity on the skin can result in a "higher felt air temperature, which is accurately termed the heat index and is used instead."


In 1994 then Governor Arne Carlson ordered all Minnesota public schools closed due to the extreme cold and severe winter weather. It was so cold that temperature readings were in the 30 below zero range. Strong winds dropped wind chill values from 60 below to 80 below zero!


Moorhead...Low... -9..High...1

Duluth....Low -6... High...11

Your Community...Low -6... High...6

Twin Cities...Low 1...High...23

Rochester Low...-1 High...20

Marshall...Low 1..High...16

Wednesday: A mix of clouds and sun with chance of light snow or flurries. High 6 Low -15 Winds: NW 10-20 mph Prec. Trace-.10"

Today's sunrise: 7:58 a.m.

Today's sunset: 5:03 p.m.

Normal High: 16

Normal Low: -4

Cold air will settle-in through the Friday before temperatures start moderating a bit. We should warm-up to near 20 degrees by Sunday and Monday.

Thursday:Partly cloudy and cold. High 0 Low -10 Winds: N 10-15 mph Prec. Trace-.10"

Friday: Partly to mostly cloudy, 20% chance of light snow. High 7 Low -4 Winds: NE 10-15 mph Prec. Trace-.10"

Saturday: Variable cloudiness, 20% chance of light snow. High 16 Low 4 Winds: E 10-20 mph. Prec. Trace-.10"

Sunday: Partly cloudy. High 18 Low 8 Wind: E/SE 10-15 mph Prec. None