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During the next few weeks, Tammy Roth and I will be going into the classrooms to talk with our students about registering for classes for next year. During our presentations, we talk to the students about the classes that they must take next year versus the classes that they can choose to take. Classes that students must take are called "core" classes. Classes students choose or elect to take are called "electives". All students that graduate from MAHS must take 24 credits from the beginning of the 9th grade to the end of the 12th grade to graduate. Of these 24 credits, 17 are core classes and seven are elective classes.

The core classes that all 9-12 students must take are:

English (4 credits) - The core English classes are English 9, Eng. 10, Eng. 11, and Eng. 12. Students in 11th grade may take Pre-Collegiate English in the place of English 11. Students in 12th grade may take College English in the place of English 12.

Math (3 credits) - The core Math classes are Algebra 1.5, Geometry, Advanced Geometry, Algebra II, Advanced Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Foundations of Math, and Advanced Topics. All 8th grade students are required to take Algebra. As a 9th grade student, your son or daughter will take either Geometry or Advanced Geometry. The typical 10th grade student will take Algebra II or Advanced Algebra II. Most 11th grade students will take Pre-Calculus. Some 11th grade students will take Algebra II or Advanced Algebra II depending on where they are in the Math sequence. Most 12th grade students will take Foundations of Math, Probability and Statistics, or the proceeding class in the Math sequence.

Social Studies (4 credits) - The core Social Studies classes are 9th grade Civics, 10th grade History and Geography of the World, 11th grade American History, and 12th grade Social and Economics.

Science (3 credits) - The core Science classes are 9th grade Physical Science, 10th Grade Biology. These two classes are required in 9th and 10th grades. Students must take one more science class to meet the science requirement. Typically, most 11th grade students will take Chemistry or Environmental Science. 12th grade students may choose to take Physics, or will take Chemistry or Environmental Science if they did not take either of these classes as an 11th grader.

Health and Physical Education (1.5 credits) - The core Health/P.E. classes are 9th grade Physical Education, 10th grade Physical Education and Health.

Personal Computing (.5 credits) - Most students will take Personal Computing as a 9th grader, but some will choose to take this class when it works into their schedule.

The Arts (1 credit) - Students can choose to take one credit in the Media Arts, Visual Arts, Music (Band or Choir), or Theater Arts.

Total core credits = 17

When Tammy and I talk with the students, most of our presentation focuses on the elective classes the students can choose to take. As the students get older, the number of electives they can choose from goes up. For example, a typical 9th grade schedule has only one elective course. In comparison, a typical 11th grade student might have as many as three elective courses.

Once the students understand what they need to take and what they can choose to take, the registration process seems to make a little more sense. When we talk with the older kids, we stress that when making selections from the elective classes, they should keep in mind their post-secondary and career plans. It is unwise to select classes because a friend is taking them. We stress the importance of planning ahead to balance the rigor or difficulty of each year. A college bound student should never think of taking their senior year off. These students need to challenge themselves each year, culminating in a rigorous senior year. In the next edition of Tiger BEAT, I will continue to discuss the registration process with a focus on elective classes and on-line registration.

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