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Kindergarten: It was F week and we had a "F"antastic time! We also learned to read the word play. We celebrated our first Wonderful Week of the year and that week belonged to Maggie Beaver. We learned a lot about Maggie and her family. Both of Maggie's parents work at the UMM, they are archeologists--that means they study bones and we got to too! Thanks, Maggie for a great week.

Grade 1: This week we started working on putting things in groups of 10 and working with dimes in math. We are learning about the earth's surface and rocks and soil in science. In reading we are working with words with the long o and long u sounds. We were very excited to see a little snow on Wednesday.

Grade 2: The second graders have been learning about changes to the earth's surface in science class. We learned about slow changes such as wind or water erosion and fast changes such as those caused by earthquakes, volcanoes and flash flooding. In math class, we began a new unit on telling time and understanding a.m. and p.m.

Grade 3: In math the third graders continue to work with their multiplication and division skills. They are using those skills to solve written problems. Our Scholastic Newspaper discussed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his contribution to civil rights in our country. He encouraged people to do something of service. To follow his example we have been working on a service project this week that we think will benefit our entire school.

Grade 4: Angles, angles, angles are what the 4th graders have been learning about in math class this week. We have learned about right, acute, straight, and obtuse angles and how to make them with a protractor. In English class we are talking about how to make plural nouns--boy are there a lot of different rules to learn about that, but we are really catching on quickly!

Grade 5: This week we finally were able to share the plays we have been working on so hard with the 4th grade students. They went really well, because we worked so hard on them. In math class this week we are learning even more about fractions. We are now studying improper fractions, mixed numbers, and how to add and subtract fractions. We have even decided they are a little bit fun!

Grade 6: The sixth graders are on a trip to an Environmental Learning Center in Finland. They are geocaching, climbing adventure ropes, and doing a frozen lake study--just to name a few of the fun things they will be involved in. We have heard from them and it sounds as though they are having a great time. They even got some fishing in and were having luck and catching a few!

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