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We are ringing in the New Year with new toys. The library purchased a variety of e-readers (Kindle, Nook and iPad) with the SCEIC/Blandin Broadband contract. Staff has had an opportunity to 'play' with them and Lisa has written out some guidelines on their use. So, if you received an e-reader for Christmas and need some help with getting started, stop by. We invite you to join us Wednesday afternoons at 2 p.m. for a training session in the meeting room. Of course, you are welcome to come in any time. Our readers will be available to use in the library.

During our inventory process we discovered some books that have not circulated recently, but were popular in their day. We have collected these titles and have put them on display as 'Second Chance Books'. We invite you to give them a try.

Mongoose R.I.P., by William Buckley, Jr., 1987 - Suspense

Man in White, by Johnny Cash, 1986 - Saint Paul (saint)

Final Planet, by Andrew Greeley, 1987 - Science Fiction

Ultimate Prizes, by Susan Howatch, 1989 - England

Immortals, by Michael Korda, 1992 - historical fiction

Red Branch, Morgan Llywelyn, 1989 - Irish legend

Silver Highways, by Malcolm Macdonald, 1987 - family saga

Accidental Woman, by Richard Neely, 1981- career women

Ghosts of Elkhorn, by Kerry Newcomb, 1982 - story of the old west

White Tiger, by Robert S Nathan, 1987 - China

We look forward to another year of serving you and welcome your comments, suggestions and/or feedback. Happy 2012!