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Looking Back

80 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of December 11, 1931

Last week had Dear Santa Claus letters from boys and girls in this community, this is a continuation of more letters to Old Nick:

Dear Santa, Please bring me a surprise for Christmas. I do not care what you bring me. Only please do not bring me a girl's present. I am a boy 9 years old. I am in the 4th grade. Yours truly, Lee Ernst, Alberta, Minn.

Dear Santa Claus: I don't suppose you can leave very many toys this year. I would like a little bank and a game. I hope you will remember my little brother too. Your friend, Dwain Benson, Alberta, Minn.

Dear Santa: I have been a good boy. Bring me a watch, a pair of boots, shirt, a pair of short overalls and a jackknife. I hope you don't forget me. Come at 10 o'clock-we will be in bed and to sleep. Yours truly, Leland Kussatz, Morris, Minn.

Dear Santa: I want a watch for Christmas. Candy and nuts to that is all. Donald Groth, Alberta, Minn.

Dear Santa, If you please I would like a pedal car some nuts and candy. That will be all. Good bye, Timothy Murphy

Dear Santa Claus: I want a big car that I can ride in, an airplane with seats in. An my sisters want some school things. Our school burn down an there paper an pencils burnt up. Send my brother lots of play things as he plays now, only 5 months old. An I am 6 years old last month. I will go to bed early Christmas Eve if you come. You were good to me last year an I know you will be good this year. Daddy wants a steady job and mother wants a nice dress.

Next week will be the last segment of letters to Santa Claus-Merry Christmas!

40 Years Ago

Items taken from the Sun of December 28, 1971

William Wohlenhaus, formerly of Morris, has been elected vice president of the Savage State Bank at Savage. He joined the staff of the bank in Savage in July, 1971, going there from the Security State Bank in Mankato, where he was also a vice president. Born in Browns Valley, he graduated from Morris High School and later attended Moorhead State College and the University of California in Los Angeles. He is also a graduate of the Midwest Banking Institute. He and his wife, Ann, and their children: Kimberly Ann and William Eric, reside in Mankato.

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Syverson recently purchased the Morris Motel, on South Highway 9, from Vern Gustafson and are now operating the business. Mr. Syverson is a native of Pennock and is a graduate of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Mrs. Syverson (Judy) is a native of River Falls, Wis., and is a graduate of Wisconsin State University at River Falls. They have a small son, Daniel.

Retailers who fail to comply with the Economic Stabilization Act price posting requirements by Jan. 1 will be in violation of the law. George O. Lethert, district director of Internal Revenue for Minnesota, said that the Economic Stabilization Act requires retailers to post the base prices of all food products other than raw agricultural commodities and unprocessed sea foods. In addition, all retailers must post in each store department the 40 items with the highest sales volume or those items that account for 50 percent or more of the department's sales, whichever is less. An exception has been made for low volume retailers with under $100,000 total sales. They can meet the posting requirements for base prices as a single department. A sign of not less than 22 x 28 inches must be displayed on each floor of the store advising customers that base price information not posted for inspection can be obtained upon request.

RM3 Richard Barsness, son of Mr. and Mrs. Burdell L. Barsness of Cyrus, arrived Dec. 2 at Adak, an island in the Aleutian chain, where he is stationed at the transmitter site at the Navy Base on Mount Moffet. RM3 Barsness recently spent a 30-day leave with his family in Cyrus following an 18-month tour of duty aboard the USS Kansas City and several supply ships. While aboard the USS Kansas City he served as radioman in Commander Service Squadron 9.

Ward B. Voorhees will teach an Introductory Soils course at Willmar State Junior College during the winter quarter. Mr. Voorhees is a research soil scientist at the North Central Soil Conservation Research Center in Morris.

Because of the savings that residents of Stevens County have accumulated during the past year, they are in a better financial position than they have been in for some time. They salted away a greater proportion of their income than usual, putting much of it into savings banks, savings and loan accounts and into U.S. Savings bonds. The amount of new money that the Stevens County population stashed away during the year in the various types of savings came to an estimated $2,032,000. The finding is based upon national data gathered by the Federal Reserve Board and others and upon income and spending figures for each area of the country. In Stevens County, where after-tax income averaged $8,945 per family in the past year, overall savings were at the estimated rate of 7.1 per cent. This was equivalent to $640 per local family. Assumed is that families in each income bracket, throughout the country, saved at the same rate as those with similar incomes in other areas.

20 Years Ago

Items taken from the Sun of December 31, 1991

Precycling program begins in Morris grocery stores- Gregg Gerhartz, Stevens County Environmental Services coordinator, placed green and black stickers on the shelves of peanut butter at Larry's Foods in Morris on Friday, to help shoppers make decisions on what to buy based on whether the container can be recycled. Greg Buss, Larry's manager, was on hand to help with the precycling mission. The stickers won't be found on every product in a recyclable container, but in categories of products. There is also an information display on precycling at the front of each store. The grocery stores taking part in this program include Willie's Super Valu, Holiday Foods, and Larry's Warehouse Foods.

Pathfinders offers programs and resources for displaced homemakers. The numbers are increasing every year-179 individuals in a 10-county area during the fiscal year that ended last June, ten people in Stevens County since this current fiscal year began in July. These individuals are the people served by Pathfinders Displaced Homemakers Program.

Faced with a $2.3 million budget shortfall, the Minnesota Extension Service (MES) of the University of Minnesota has notified 32 county extension agents in offices throughout the state that their jobs will either be eliminated or cut back beginning July 1, 1992. The cuts total more than 26 full-time positions being eliminated. None of the cuts is in Stevens County or the other counties in this area's cluster. Stevens County will even be able to replace ag agent Randy Anderson. Mary Ann Scharf, acting Stevens County Extension director, said a replacement should be named next week.