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Kindergarten: We are very busy preparing for Christmas--a lot of program practice so we will be ready to perform on Monday night. Please join us! We are also busy learning more letters, numbers and words. Some of us are praying for snow for Christmas (some of us are not). Don't forget to light the fourth Advent candle.

Grade 1: We are preparing for our concert on Monday the 19th. We have been learning about addition and making a new group of ten in math. We are learning about American symbols and landmarks in social studies. We finished our science unit on habitats and took our test this week. We are excited about the fourth week of Advent!

Grade 2: In social studies class, we finished a unit about land and water. We learned to identify land and water forms, to read a landform map and to use a compass rose to find locations on a map. We also learned the difference between relative location and absolute location. In math class, we have been learning to add two-digit numbers using a variety of methods.

Grade 3: In math we were very excited to begin our work with multiplication. We started with the fives and worked with repeated addition of groups and used arrays. We continue to do our X-Math computer drill each day to get better at our facts. We sent Christmas greetings to our third grade pen pals at the Chokio/Alberta School. We are preparing for our Christmas Concert on Monday evening, Dec. 19 at 7 p.m. at Assumption Church in Morris.

Grade 4: This week the fourth graders have been adding numbers all the way into the millions place. We have been practicing using three different methods, and they can choose which one works best for them. In English class we have been practicing fixing run-on sentences by either making them compound or breaking them into two separate sentences.

Grade 5: In fifth grade we are working on a geometry unit in math. Yesterday we sorted polygons into a Venn diagram to compare and contrast them. In reading we just finished the read aloud On the Run, by Gordon Korman. There are seven more books in the series and the kids are fired up to read those.

Grade 6: We finished reading the novel The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare. During English we wrote progressive stories. Each student started a story and passed it around the classroom so each student could add to it. We had some pretty funny stories to read when we were done!

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Dec. 19 Christmas Program