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Eight of nine businesses pass alcohol compliance checks

MORRIS - Eight out of nine businesses passed alcohol compliance checks conducted by the Morris Police Department between November 15 and December 6.

The only business to fail the compliance check was Pizza Hut. Both the server and the establishment will be subject to civil penalties, the Morris Police Department reported.

"We have taken the time and effort to do server training with local establishments to try and do better at keeping alcohol out of minor's possession," said Morris Police Chief Jim Beauregard. "Alcohol compliance checks are our way to gauge the training's effectiveness and are mandated by city ordinance."

Any business that fails a compliance check is subject to civil penalties on the first offense. Repeated violations could result in having a liquor license suspended or criminal charges.

During an alcohol compliance check, a law enforcement officer works with people under the age of 21 who try to purchase alcohol from a bar, liquor store, grocery store or other outlet licensed to sell alcohol. If the clerk or server asks for identification and refuses the sale, the business passes the compliance check. If not, the outlet has made an illegal sale and fails the check, the department explained.

Another round of checks is scheduled for after January 1.