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Talking it Over: Hurry up and wait

Katie Erdman

HANCOCK - It sometimes seems like hurry up and wait is the theme of life. We rush and rush and then wait and wait. We are so busy getting things done and then we wait for the next rush to hit.

We hurry through our schedules to make an appointment only to sit and wait our turn. We pass slow moving traffic just to come up on another slow vehicle that we're unable to pass. We rush to get projects done at home and work and then wait for the results. It is never ending sometimes.

During the holidays there is a lot of hurrying and a lot of waiting. Adults are busy getting things ready for the holidays while children are waiting patiently for the day to arrive. I am not sure which situation is more stress-filled.

In some ways the hustle and bustle of Christmas is enjoyable. I like to go shopping, especially if I can go during a time when the stores are not so busy. I love to wrap presents, as long as I can take my time. I also enjoy baking all the goodies that I don't allow us to indulge in during the rest of the year. Then I have to scold myself and my husband every time temptation brings us to those containers loaded with goodies.

It is also fun to share during the holidays. I try to take some time to share a bit of our lives through cards and letters. I try to share the spirit of the season with regular wishes of "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" to everyone I see often, talk to online, phone or just casually interact with. I am not very good at sharing baked goods but have been the recipient, and I appreciate those who share this talent. Christmas programs, messages and concerts are wonderful ways to share the spirit of the holidays and additional talents.

There is a lot of rushing going on right about now but soon the waiting will begin. As we rush through this holiday season, take time to remember those who are waiting in nursing homes and hospital rooms. Remember others who are waiting at home for visits, cards, phone calls or any type of contact with other people. Also remember those who are patiently waiting to feel better and hope to see another year. And most important of all, remember those who are grieving or alone this Christmas and waiting to see their loved ones again.

Both the rushing and the waiting are difficult. I hope you have less busyness and more peace during this holiday season and most of all, try to have a very merry, stress-free Christmas.