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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: What a week! We worked with the letter N and learned the word "to". We had a visit from St. Nick on Dec. 6. That morning when we got to school our shoes were full of candy and later on the "real deal" came to visit us in our classroom! I guess we are a good bunch this year.

Grade 1: We celebrated the second week in Advent with our prayer service. We also celebrated St. Nicholas' Day on Dec. 6. We started a new unit in math that has us discovering numbers to 100 and doing addition with teen numbers. In science we talked about water habitats and arctic habitats. In social studies we are learning about George Washington, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Grade 2: We have been learning to estimate two digit numbers in math class. In addition, we are also adding a one digit and a two digit number together. In social studies class we learned to locate the North and South Pole, the Equator and the Northern and Southern hemisphere. We had fun reading a version of the Three Bears story called "Abuelo and the Three Bears."

Grade 3: In math we completed our work with graphs and organizing data. We had fun working with motion geometry patterns and repeated patterns. You really had to pay attention to the flips, slides, and turns! Our reading story taught us about onomatopoeia and rhythm. Onomatopoeia is the use of a word that is spelled to mimic the sound it describes like honk and beep describe the sound a horn makes. We all enjoyed being able to ice skate during PE at the Lee Community Center. We thank Mrs. Winkelman and Mrs. Stahman for arranging this activity!

Grade 4: In math class we are working with numbers going up to the thousands place. We are also working on writing numbers in expanded, standard, and place value form. We also celebrated the second week of Advent and learned about the advent season in religion class.

Grade 5: In English class we are working on compound predicates and how to fix run-on sentences. We also read an expository story about rattlesnakes. Did you know that two types of rattlesnakes are endangered? The New Mexican ridge-nosed and the Aruba Island rattlesnakes are endangered.

Grade 6: We are working on parts of speech in English. For fun we used what we learned to fill in Mad Libs and create our own funny Christmas stories. In math we are finding least common multiples and using them to add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers.

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Dec. 14 DARE Graduation Gr. 5

Dec. 19 Christmas Program 6:30: Piano 7:00 Program