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Dylan Viss and his Environmental Science class ventured up to NDSCS this past week and I overheard a few of his students talking about what a great time they had. Mr. Viss was kind enough to write up a little article for the Tiger BEAT...

This was the second year my class was able to visit NDSCS's nanoscience lab at the Skills & Technology Center in Fargo, N.D. Much of our visit was focused around the field of nanotechnology, that is, the science of very small things, things that cannot even be seen with the naked eye. While at the lab, students were exposed to a variety of laboratory equipment and hands-on demonstrations and experiments. Some of the highlights of our trip included:

• Use of a scanning electron microscope: Students were allowed to manipulate and run a $250,000 machine that enabled them to see objects that were microns or even nanometers in size, just a fraction of the width of a human hair.

• Magic sand demonstrations: Sand is dipped in a special substance that enables it to stay completely dry under almost any circumstance. This amazing technology has an almost unlimited amount of uses, from making stain-resistant clothing to water-proofing boats and other watercraft.

• Programming microcontrollers: Students use basic programming techniques to program LED lights attached to a "minicomputer."

• "Clean Room" tour and 3D printer: The future of nanotechnology is vast. We now have the ability to make machines that can literally fit on a human hair, each with multiple moving parts. This tour allowed students to see how these "nanomachines" are actually designed and manufactured.

Overall, I feel the students really enjoyed this experience and benefited from it greatly. You could see the wheels turning even in many of the 10th grade biology students with regards to possible career opportunities available to them after high school. For many of the environmental students, it was refreshing to see them come to the realization that "hey, I could do something like this!" MAHS is very fortunate to have formed this partnership with NDSCS and we look forward to continuing with it for years to come!

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