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News Flash: Eighty percent of students graduating 6th grade and going on to attend Morris Area Public School made the honor roll this quarter!

Kindergarten: We put in a full week! It was review week of our letters and words that we know. We worked with patterns in math and welcomed December in. Our room is transforming from fall to winter scenes. This Sunday is the second week of Advent so do not forget to light two candles. Also, join us for a pancake breakfast after church.

Grade 1: We celebrated the first week of Advent with our Advent Prayer Service. We finished up our third unit in math about unknown numbers in equations and story problems. In social studies we are learning about our country and its important symbols and landmarks. In science we are learning about animal habitats.

Grade 2: In math class, we began a unit on adding two digit numbers. We have also been practicing counting numbers to one thousand. The second graders were busy learning little skits they presented to the school, introducing usto the monthly theme "Word of God". We are enjoying our Advent partners and trying to keep them a secret.

Grade 3: It was great to get back to a full week of school. In math we worked with multi step word problems and reading and creating picture and bar graphs. Officer Anita came to talk to us about winter weather and travel and helped us start to put together a "Winter Survival Kit" for our family. We held our first Advent prayer service and we each have another student in the school that we are remembering in prayer this Advent. It is a secret and we won't tell them who we are until just before Christmas. We are working on our class Celebration for Education project with the help of Joann Kram.

Grade 4: The fourth graders have been working on situation and solution equations in math class this week. We also continue to review geometric concepts and finding the area of complex shapes. In social studies we are learning about different Native American tribes and how they lived.

Grade 5: The fifth graders are working on a new idea to get us writing. We looked through our writing journals and chose a line from one of our entries. We used this line to create a new story with this as our lead. We are reading an expository story this week about a scientist and how he decided to be a scientist.

Grade 6: This week was the first week of Advent. We are learning about the Jesse Tree by listening to a Bible Story each day and putting a symbol on our tree. During science we are learning about chemical reactions by doing various activities to show us how the reactants can be combined to form new products.

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Dec. 4 Pancake

Breakfast Gr. 2 & 4

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