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Morris Area Schools and Detroit Lakes Area Learning Center are partnering to provide extended day learning opportunities for students. Targeted Services began Monday. The primary focus of Targeted Services is academic instruction; however, this program supports the whole learner.

The first week was devoted to organizational skills and in general, getting the students organized (lockers, folders and trapper keepers, book bags). Some of the students who are in Targeted Services have received poor grades in the past because they have failed to hand in work (because it was lost), handed in assignments late (work not completed on time). Our hope is that by starting with a focus on organizational skills, it will allow these students to put their best foot forward in their classes.

After organization comes a focus on academic skills. The academic skills include reading, math and writing skills development. School skills, which are touched on each day, include work completion, goal setting, test preparation, and organization.

Here are some great things about this opportunity:

• Taught by a licensed teacher

• Low student to teacher ratio

• Students have additional time for learning new skills, and improving old skills

• Prepares children for future success in specific curricular areas, especially on grade level assessments

• No cost to participate

If you have any questions about Targeted Services please contact Principal Mike Coquyt at 320-589-4400 or email We have also created a Targeted Services website. To find out more about the website simply Google "MAHS Targeted Services".

Senior Mentorship

In the middle of November the MAHS Seniors had an opportunity to job shadow a career of their choice. Mr. Greenwaldt has been doing this project for as many years as I have been at the high school. This experience gives our seniors an opportunity to actually participate in and work with someone who is working in a career that interests them.

All the seniors selected a mentor and then created a resume and cover letter for their mentor. The mentor evaluated the resume and cover letter. This evaluation was given orally and it also has a written component. The mentor would give each senior an interview and then give feedback to the student on how well the interview progressed. This interview also has a written component for the evaluation process. Each senior has a list of discussion questions to ask their mentor. From the discussion questions a paper will be generated by the student for a final evaluation by Mr. Greenwaldt. This experience has had a major impact on many students in the past and will continue in the future.

Mr. Greenwaldt would like to thank the many mentors who have graciously set time aside to work with the seniors at MAHS.

Upcoming Events

Dec. 5 - 7-12 Choir Concert at 7:30 p.m.

Dec. 7 - 2-Hour late start

Dec. 9 - Mid-Term

Dec. 12 - 7-12 Band Concert

Dec. 13 - FFA Fundraising Delivery