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Kindergarten: Another short week but a good week! We learned the word go and the short Ii sound as in igloo. We had a blast with the snow in the early part of the week and were very thankful for it. (Some of us anyway.) We talked about Thanksgiving and how thankful we all should be. Every day!

Grade 1: A short week, yet a busy one. We celebrated our children's Thanksgiving Mass on Tuesday and we presented our donations for the food shelf. We collected 146 pounds of products (as a whole school) for the food shelf. We talked this week about what we are thankful for. In math we worked with addition story problems with unknown numbers. We are getting very good at solving story problems. The First Grade Class wishes everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Grade 2: We have been studying about landforms of the United States in social studies. We color coded a landform map in our social workbook with deserts, mountains, plains, lakes and rivers. In math class, we have been learning about quadrilaterals and parallelograms. We practiced identifying shapes that are quadrilaterals, parallelograms, rectangles and squares. As part of our Thanksgiving celebration, we brought items to donate to the Food Shelf. We hope that everyone will have a great Thanksgiving holiday.

Grade 3: Even though it was a short week we kept busy in math working with completing tables and doing word problems with hidden information. Our Scholastic News taught us about early Thanksgivings that were really three day events called "harvest feasts". The feasts probably were held in October after the harvest with the settlers and members of the Wampanoag tribe attending. We enjoyed a video that showed what a settlement might have looked like at the time. We all brought items for the food shelf for our Thanksgiving Mass on Tuesday. We hope you all have an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends.

Grade 4: Happy Thanksgiving! The fourth graders had a great time writing and sharing a persuasive story in which they were a turkey and had to talk someone out of eating them for Thanksgiving dinner. They also finished a unit in math that dealt with geometry--being able to name shapes, find their perimeter, and area. We also started a great adventure novel by Gordon Korman called "On the Run-Chasing the Falconers".

Grade 5: The fifth graders have been studying Native Americans in social studies. They are learning about how they used natural resources to survive. They have also been learning how to estimate numbers with decimal places. We used pictographs and vertical and horizontal bar graphs to help us use large numbers and estimating as well.

Grade 6: This week we wrote poems about turkeys and learned about wild turkey habitats. On Wednesday we visited the Stevens County Museum to see the current exhibits. We are fortunate to have such a great museum in our community. During reading we practiced using the glossary to define and pronounce words and also read books about the solar system.

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Dec. 4 Pancake Breakfast: Gr. 2 & 4

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