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Looking Back

80 Years Ago

Items from the Sun of December 17, 1931

Price for haircut reduced to 40 cents. A haircut costs only 40 cents in Morris now. The reduction in price from a half dollar was made at a meeting of the barbers of the city on Tuesday and the new price went into effect the following day.

While Paul Spooner and his son, dressed only in their pajamas, crawled through an upstairs window to the snow covered roof of a porch and then jumped to the ground, their home was completely destroyed this morning by fire, which was driven on by a gasoline explosion. Firemen fought for two hours before they could drown out the flames.

Extensive repairs for the armory in this city were discussed when Major Bettenberg, armory inspector, was in the city last Friday and conferred with Captain Frank L. McDaniels. Captain McDaniels is to secure bids on the work of refilling holes in the plastering, and repairing banisters and stairs and preparing the walls in the basement for new decorating. As soon as this work is completed the state is to secure bids on the work of redecorating the armory and making a thorough inspection of the roof with necessary repairs there.

Generous quantities of food and clothing have already been donated to the local relief committee which last week made its initial appeal for gifts of this kind for needy families of the community. Miss Evelyn Malmstrom and her helpers to whom has been assigned the enormous task of ascertaining who the needy families are and just what they need said yesterday that good use could be made of all the food and clothing that could be brought. Miss Malmstrom made a special appeal for more toys to be given by children who have outgrown or tired of them.

40 Years Ago

Items from the Sun of November 30, 1971

Many friends of the Villa of St. Francis and friends and relatives of residents at the Villa attended the annual open house there on Nov. 21. Ed Brown of Chokio, with his violin, and Mrs. Cora Lange of Donnelly, at the piano, provided music during the afternoon. Mrs. Richard Brown, Villa resident; Mrs. Ed Brown, and Mrs. Agatha Dohmstreich, Villa resident, were just a few attending the celebration.

Weekend snows totaling 14.1 inches have boosted the total for the season thus far to 24.2 inches and Old Man Winter isn't scheduled to make his official appearance for another three weeks. The 14.1 inches of snow the past weekend, including 11.5 inches which fell Thursday afternoon and Thursday night, upped the November total thus far to 20.2 inches compared to the long-time average of 4.3 inches for the month.

20 Years Ago

Items from the Sun of December 3, 1991

Spartans take number one. C-A won its Prep Bowl "91 appearance, downing Grygla Goodridge 7-6. Tri-captains Pat Kehoe, Eric Gibson and Jon Hallman showed off the first place trophy in the moments following its presentation at the Metrodome.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) Citizens Board voted on Nov. 26 to revoke Stevens County's landfill permit and issue an order to the County to place a permanent cover on the landfill and begin long-term monitoring of the site. Stevens County has operated the 17-acre landfill two miles south of Morris since 1972, under a sanitary landfill permit from the MPCA. The County stopped accepting waste at the landfill on May 15, 1990, but did not begin the necessary work within 30 days to place a final cover made of a combination of soil and synthetic material on the facility and set up long-term monitoring and management of the landfill as required under the state's solid waste rules, according to the MPCA. Under the closure order, the County is required to finish construction of the permanent landfill cap by Aug. 1, 1992. The ground water monitoring wells and methane control equipment must also be in place by Aug. 1, 1992, according to the MPCA.

Jay Carlson of Morris and Brian Diamond of Suffern, N.Y., professional golf management majors at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Mich., recently received $1500 scholarships from the Golf Manufacturers and Distributors Association. Recipients must show outstanding golfing abilities, scholastic aptitude, financial need and characteristics related to being a good golf professional.