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Kindergarten: This was T week and what a terrific time we had! We played with tops and even made our own top. If anyone has toy tops they no longer use and would like to get rid of them, we would gladly take them. Conferences were attended 100 percent fantastic. The Parade of Lights was well attended and a lot of fun.

Grade 1: This week first grade learned how to make fact families in math. Our UMM practicum student, Leah, got to teach us three math lessons this week. We had fun with her lessons. We finished up our third chapter in science about animals and the groups they belong to. In social studies we are finishing up our unit about maps, landforms and water types.

Grade 2: The second graders enjoyed the book swap this week. We were able to go home with many new books to read. We finished our math unit on story problems this week. We are also finishing with our study of animals and how changes can affect their habitats. In social studies we are learning about North America and the water and landforms found here.

Grade 3: In math our UMM practicum student, Mrs. Essig, is working with us on symmetry and congruence, labeling figures and drawing diagonals, and angles and triangles. It was fun making angles out of straws. Our reading story is helping us better understand persuasive language and what the author's purpose for writing is. We had 100 percent parent attendance for conferences and are happy they were all able to attend.

Grade 4: The fourth graders are learning the difference between perimeter and area in math class this week. It is fun to come up with different stories for examples of these. We are reading a historical fiction story in reading class about the American Revolution. In English we are learning how to combine subjects to make them compound so our sentences are not as choppy.

Grade 5: In reading this week we worked on how a suffix can change the meaning of a root word. We learned how to use the commutative, associative, and distributive properties to make adding easier in math class. In social studies class we are learning about the first people to live in North America and what skills they used to survive.

Grade 6: With Thanksgiving approaching we are learning about wild turkeys. We studied the parts, adaptations, habitats and behaviors of turkeys. Thank you to the Stevens County Gobblers for providing us with this curriculum. In math we are practicing changing fractions to decimals and mixed number to improper fractions. Our focus for reading this week was making inferences.

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