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Looking Back

80 Years Ago

Items taken from the Sun of November 19, 1931

Six cabins for tourists are to be built at the Seven Gables Service station as soon as the weather permits in the spring, according to C.J. Nelson, owner of the station. On the northwest side of the station there will be two rows of three cabins each, all facing a court in the center. This court will be provided with a walk along the middle and the space between this and the cabins will be grass with trees. A horseshoe shaped driveway will pass all the way around the rear of the cabins. The cabins will be built of materials and in colors to match the station and little gables will be prominent on them in keeping with the station name. The cabins will be completely furnished and cooking facilities and even shower baths will be provided.

Trunk Highway No. 28 is expected to be complete with gravel all the way on the new grade between Starbuck and Morris by the end of next week, state highway department officials say. Residents of Morris, as well as thousands of others passing over this road, are expected to appreciate the marked improvement this splendid, wide bridge is to be over the old one which has been considered a danger point because it was narrow and close to a sharp turn and intersection. This turn has now been eliminated by the wide curve of the new grade coming into Morris.

The foundation of the new school building at Alberta has been completed and crews are about to start erecting the steel frame of the structure. Every effort is being made to rush the work as rapidly as possible so that workmen may continue inside the building after cold weather comes.

40 Years Ago

Items taken from the Sun of November 16, 1971

Miss Connie Rohloff of rural Morris, Region V Dairy Princess, poses with her likeness, sculptured in butter, while she was at the Minnesota State Fair representing District V in the state Princess Kay of the Milky Way Contest. Connie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Rohloff, is presently attending the Fergus Falls Junior College, training to be a practical nurse.

Chokio voters will go to the polls on Dec. 7, to elect three village officials and vote on a proposal to blacktop all remaining gravel streets within the village limits. Approximately 40 blocks of Chokio streets will be blacktopped if the proposal is accepted and financing is secured. At present the village has 12 blocks of hard surfaced streets.

Several members of the staff at the North Central Soil Conservation Research Center, SWC, ARS, USDA, at Morris have been honored recently for excellent performance of their work and-or ten-year service records. Mrs. Helen M. I. Kill, clerk-typist, has been recognized for outstanding performance in operating the magnetic tape Selectric typewriter in an excellent manner for manuscript work and other applications during the period Nov. 1, 1969, to Oct. 31, 1970. Mrs. Kill has completed 10 years of service as a federal employee. Other 10 year employees that were awarded certificates from Dr. Robert F. Holt, director of the North Central Soil Conservation Research Center, were Elton A. Hallauer, Laurel W. Maanum and Emmett M. Sherstad.

20 Years Ago

Items taken from the Sun of November 19, 1991

Send a message to MN/DOT about the intersection of highways 28 and 59 east of Morris-tell us and them about any accident you have been in or witnessed at that intersection. We want MN/DOT officials to know that people in Stevens County are concerned about safety issues connected to the intersection. There have been three fatalities in two accidents at that intersection since last summer, and Stevens County Sheriff Larry Sayre told MN/DOT officials at a meeting Oct. 31, that he could think of six fatalities and four or five other personal injury accidents there. MN/DOT promised a warning sign for traffic coming from the east, and this week put up a curve sign with a 50 mile per hour speed limit around the curve.

The MAHS Theatre Department will present three one-act plays for the fall offering. The plays are "Juvie", by Jerome McDonough; "The Lottery", adapted by Brainerd Duffield from a story by Shirley Jackson; and "Caro", by Jack Willians. Director Melissa Nyman, a UMM senior in English, speech and theatre, said she wanted to do one-acts to give a lot of people a chance to get up on stage.

Kathryn J. Carlson has joined the law firm of Parsinen Bowman & Levy in Minneapolis as an associate. Carlson is a 1991 cum laude graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Law. She will practice in the area of commercial litigation. She is the granddaughter of Ann Dorweiler and the daughter of Lauren Carlson of Morris and Barbara Carlson of St. Joseph.