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Occupy Morris march held Wednesday

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A group calling itself Occupy Morris marched through downtown Morris Wednesday afternoon.2 / 2

A group calling itself "Occupy Morris" marched down Main Street in Morris Wednesday afternoon.

The group gathered on the campus mall at the University of Minnesota, Morris and marched through downtown Morris.

There were approximately 20 participants in the march.

This is the second march through Morris organized by the group.

A news release from Andrew Showalter, a UMM student who organized the marches, states: "The 99 percent of us who aren't sharing in this prosperity are fighting back across the country and the world, and now the movement has come to Morris. Wednesday, November 9, at 4:30 PM, we will be meeting on the University of Minnesota, Morris Mall and marching through Morris, joining our sisters and brothers across the nation in fighting back against those who to seek to oppress us for a more just economy and a more just country."