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UMM Celebrates Scholarly Accomplishments

The University of Minnesota, Morris (UMM) is pleased to present its first Celebration of Scholarly Accomplishments to highlight the research and artistic work of faculty and staff. The event, which is sponsored by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean, the Office of the Chancellor, Rodney A. Briggs Library, and the Grants Development Office, will also serve as an introduction to two library projects available to the campus and community: the UMM Scholarship Collection and the new UMM Digital Well.

Displays of research and creative work of approximately 50 current and retired faculty and staff members will be opened for public viewing from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. today in the Student Center's Oyate Hall

"We are very pleased to be celebrating and showcasing the tremendous research and creative activities of our faculty and staff in one event," says Bart Finzel, interim vice chancellor for academic affairs and dean.

"The quality, depth and breadth of the scholarly work of our faculty is very impressive, and it is overwhelming to think that we will be seeing just a small representation of that work at this event," adds Chancellor Jacqueline Johnson.

In addition to celebrating recent faculty and staff accomplishments, the event highlights Briggs Library's emphasis on capturing UMM's institutional record of research and other accomplishments for historical purposes and for disseminating and sharing the work of UMM's faculty and staff with others.

The UMM Scholarship Collection emphasizes the historical record of the University of Minnesota, Morris by collecting works created by UMM faculty, staff, and students. This collection is housed in the Special Collections area of room 420 on the fourth floor of the library. The library seeks the assistance of current and past UMM-affiliated individuals in order to identify and obtain other scholarly works either in monographic, serial, or other formats. These materials can be checked out with the permission of a Briggs librarian.

The UMM Digital Well's main purpose is to serve as an institutional repository in which articles and papers are made available to a wider audience. The Digital Well makes the intellectual, scholarly, and creative works of the members of the UMM community available to scholars and researchers across the globe. The searchable repository also provides access to campus governance documents, relevant administrative documents, conferences, and other collections.

For more information, on the Celebration of Scholarly Accomplishments contact the Office of Conferences and Events at 320-589-6080. For more information regarding the UMM Scholarship Collection and the UMM Digital Well, contact the Rodney A. Briggs Library at 320-589-6180.