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Hancock students to present 'Superhero Sanitarium' this weekend

The cast in the fall play production includes back row (L-R0 Anthony Koehl, James Newhouse, Nate Koehl, Brendan Jensen, and Dylan Swensrud Middle Row:- Leah Steiner, Kaitlin Koehl, Anne Bade, Bryce Schmidgall, Jadin Copa, Brooke Jepma, Brooke DeSmith, and Shelbi Koeltzow Front Row -Tara Flaten, Sami Schmidgall, Kara Schmidgall, Emily Cunningham, Jerrid Jepma, Levi Carter, and Bethany Jensen

This play centers on Lois Lancaster, played by Kara Schmidgall, a big-city journalist writing about the current state of mental health facilities. Her research takes her to a hospital populated with a unique group of quirky inmates who imagine they are crime-fighting superheroes. Speed Freak, played by Jerrid Jepma, thinks he can run at incredible speeds, while enthusiastic Dim Bulb, Emily Cunningham, thinks he has the ability to turn off lights with his brain. Mental, Bethany Jensen, thinks she can read minds, despite being prone to sudden outbursts of bizarre non-sequiturs. Kevin, played by Levi Carter, is much less quirky and flamboyant than the other inmates and doesn't embarrass himself with a ridiculous code name or least, not initially. Dr. Gail Eisner and Dr. Amy Warmington, played by Tara Flaten and Samantha Schmidgall, appear to be kind hospital administrators that offer a steady influence needed to effectively run a madhouse like this one. At first Lois finds their elaborate superhero fantasies to be an entertaining diversion, the wild delusions of unstable minds, until something unusual happens that makes her wonder .... This cast is rounded out with unique performances from James Newshouse, Leah Steiner, Bryce Schmidgall, Brenden Jensen, Jadin Copa, Shelbi Koeltzow, Brooke Jepma, Brooke DeSmith, Ian Schmidgall, and Nate Koehl.

Please come show your support for these students on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 11 and 12 in the Hancock School Gym. It is a free will donation to see the play.