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University of Minnesota system, including Morris, one of 22 universities worldwide bringing Google+ to campus

MORRIS, Minn.--The University of Minnesota system, including the Morris campus, is one of only 22 universities worldwide bringing Google+ to campus. Google+ has been added to the list of Google apps that are available to Morris students, faculty, and staff who already have a University Google account.

Jim Hall, Morris director of information technology, says, "Serving as an early adaptor of Google+ illustrates the University's position as a leader in institutional technology. I'm excited to see how the Morris campus will adapt Google+ to support the teaching and learning mission."

Users will have the option to use Google+ to connect with colleagues at the University and beyond. Hangouts, especially, believes Hall, will be a "neat feature" that might be interesting for meetings, especially with colleagues and committees located on the Twin Cities campus. Up to 10 people can participate in a live video chat. Students might use Hangouts for group work. Instructors might want to use Hangouts for online classes or advising.

In addition to the University of Minnesota, other early adopters include Arizona State, Boise State, the University of Notre Dame, Vanderbilt University, Wake Forest University, as well as universities in Egypt, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Kenya, Mexico, and Italy.