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Morris Human Rights Commission opens nominations for award

The Morris Human Rights Commission has opened nominations for the 2011Thomas B. McRoberts Human Rights Award (formerly the Morris Area Human Rights Award).

The award was recently renamed to honor the late Tom McRoberts, a longtime member of the Commission and regional member-at-large on the League of Minnesota Human Rights Commissions.

"Tom's life of service to the Morris community as educator, adviser, and activist exemplified everything we think about when we think about human rights," said Commission chair Becki Jordan.

Nominations begin fresh each year, so nominators are free to submit a nomination for a person who may have been nominated in the past but did not receive the award.

Past recipients have included Patty Kill (2007), Nancy Huot (2008), Sal Monteagudo (2009) and Argie Manolis (2010).

The nomination form can be found online at Nominations are due at the Morris City Office by Friday, November 18, 2011. Questions can be directed to the Morris City Office at (320) 589-3141 or e-mailed directly to the MHRC at