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2012 Minnesota NWTF Chapter Handmade Call Making Contest

The Minnesota State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) is inviting all turkey call makers throughout the state to enter into the Minnesota NWTF Handmade Call Contest which will be held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in St. Paul MN during the NWTF State Convention, Saturday, Jan. 14, 2012.

Whether you make calls as a hobby or a custom call maker trying to make a profit, this is your chance to be recognized at the state level and strut your stuff before your peers.

There will be eight call making categories; decorative Open class call, pot call, wing bone call, working box call and scratch call, locator call, call sets and trumpet yelper. All 1st Place calls will be re-judged for Best of Show

Calls can be entered in person by 11:00 AM. Each call entered into the contest will require a $10 registration and contestants may choose to keep, sell (50/50 split) or donate their call. The entry fee for Call Sets will be $20 and can include 2 or more calls.

If the call is donated the entry fee will be waived. Calls not being sold or donated should be picked up between 4 & 5 PM.

The 2010 Handmade Call Contest held at the Verizon Wireless Center in Mankato last January had a total of 38 calls submitted by 11 makers. The 2011 Handmade Call Contest held at Thumper Pond resort in Ottertail had 32 calls entered with 9 makers submitting calls.

Call makers may ship calls to the contest coordinator if they are unable to attend. If they wish to keep there calls they will need to add enough money for return postage or include a UPS shipping label with their registration form.

For more information or an entry form, contact, Handmade Call Contest Coordinator, Warren Robertson, 891 S. Main Street, Zumbrota MN 55992, or e-mail