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Fans ready to root for Owls or Tigers

A good-sized crowd turned out on Saturday, Jan. 2, to watch a high school boys basketball match up that hadn't been played in Stevens County in years.

The Hancock Owls played the Morris Area Chokio-Alberta Tigers at the University of Minnesota, Morris. Although roughly 10 miles separates the two schools, size and years have kept teams from each other on the court. The teams have different enrollments and play in different classes during the regular and postseason. It's been at least 20 years since the two schools played each other.

"It's bragging rights for a year," Hancock fan Ken Grunig said.

"It could be bragging rights," M/C-A fan Dean Boldenow said.

"It depends on if we win," M/C-A fan Jenna Kidder said.

Bragging rights, perhaps, but those fans and others knew that this game would be memorable.

Win or lose, "There's always good talent on both sides," M/C-A fan Diane Kill said of this game and past games.

"I would guess the (M/C-A) boys are just as fired up to play as the Hancock boys are," Grunig said.