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Looking Back

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80 Years Ago

Items taken from the Hancock Record of December 31, 1937

Universal Service Bill Deserves Support- Ever since the World War, the American Legion and Auxiliary have been advocating enactment of the principle of universal service into law. Two bills for this purpose are pending in the present Congress. Universal service would end the possibility of huge profits from war and all Americans would know that in event of war they would be required to serve and sacrifice. None would be permitted to profit from the national calamity and none would be seeking to influence the country toward war for their selfish benefit.

Family Reunion at Paul Greiners- A family reunion was held at the Paul Greiner home over Christmas and it was the first time in some 15 years that all the children have been at home at Christmas time. Aside from the members of the family at home were George Greiner of Carlton, Iowa, Mrs. Emil Erickson and Mrs. Bertha Wenger and the latter's three children of Moorhead. Two of the young ladies of the family, Marie and Caroline prepared the Christmas dinner. Two of the granddaughters, Marion Wenger and her sister Luella waited on tables. The family group consisted of the parents, ten children and three grandchildren. The entire group had a family picture taken at a Morris studio.

First Week of Job Law Benefits to Begin Jan. 17- The week of January 17 to 28, 1938, will be the first for which a benefit check can be issued to an unemployed worker under the Minnesota Unemployment Compensation law. That week will be the first possible week of compensable unemployment. The commissioner in charge of the unemployment compensation division stressed that necessary office procedure will make it impossible for eligible unemployed workers to receive benefit checks immediately upon the conclusion of benefit weeks.

75 Years Ago

Items taken from the Morris Sun of December 25, 1942

Praise Farmers for Production in Present Year- American farm families have earned the gratitude of all free men for what they did in 1942, stated the Minnesota USDA war board chairman. It was reported that farmers of the state had smashed all previous records for total production. Fine weather wasn't all that accounted for the fact that farmers stepped up production most heavily in the crops and livestock needed to fight the war, that was done by planning and organization. The government feed wheat program was of material aid to the increase in Minnesota of eggs, milk and meats.

More Books from Library- A noticeable increase in books borrowed from the Morris Public library, following the recent observance of book week, was cited by Miss Ollie Ulvestad, local librarian. About 60 per cent of these books were taken out by children. An increase in reading has also taken place since gas rationing went into effect. During the last war year many children's books have been written about the present war to bring about a better understanding of democracy.

WPB Says, Go Easy on Matches- WPB Release "Hold the light" is going to have real conservation significance from now on, according to the War Production Board. The reason is that match production is slipping because of war demands. Americans burn up 5000,000,000,000 matches a year, consuming 70,000,000 to 80,000,000 board feet of lumber and about 500 tons of steel for the staples in match books. Large quantities are exported to the armed forces and to countries where matches are really scarce, the WPB said.

"Tigers" Take Sixth Straight- The Morris High School basketball team defeated Alberta, 35 to 22 in its sixth straight win of the season, on the home floor last week. This was the last game of the pre-holiday season. The starting line-up for the "Tigers" was: Irwin and Watzke, forwards; Captain Thompson, center; Johnson and Dan Wagner, guards. Ederer, Bolstad, Nystuen, Boudreau, Erickson and Smith were substituted. The Alberta starting line-up was: Roth and Phifer, forwards; Andert, center; Tomason and Helsper, guards. Subsituted were: R. Amundson, Selk, Rentz, E. Amundson, and C. Amundson.

15 Years Ago

Items taken from the Morris Sun Tribune of December 24, 2002

Holiday Spirit of Sharing at Morris Area Elementary- The Morris Area Elementary student council has been busy buying Christmas presents and a complete Christmas dinner for a needy family. It was very heartwarming for each child to be able to share the season with others. Student council members are Lizzy Vick, Randy Shelstad, Taylor Hufford, Keli Pry, Erin Schieler, Jackson Henrich, Jenna Moser, Kayla Hagen, Travis Wulf, Chris Wait, Peter Arnold and Allison Morrow.

Commissioners Approve Bid for Former USDA Remodeling- Stevens County's Board of Commissioners approved a bid for remodeling of the former USDA building in Morris from Woessner Construction of Fergus Falls. The building, donated earlier this year to the county, will house Stevens County's social service workers, since space for them is limited at their present location in the county courthouse basement. Commissioners voted 3-2 to award the bid to Woessner Construction, who would begin around mid-January, once the building was empty.

County will Delay Projects, Cut Costs to Help Offset Deficit- In an effort to combat the State of Minnesota's nearly $5 billion upcoming budget deficit, Stevens County has been making preparations to get by with less state funding. County Auditor Mark Meuwissen said there are currently no efforts being made to cut programs or services for county residents, but rather a bout of old-fashioned belt tightening, and delaying equipment purchases and projects which aren't absolutely necessary for next year.

Prairie Yard and Garden Show, Broadcast from UMM, Keeps Growing New Viewers- After 15 years on public television, with over 300 television episodes to its credit, the Prairie Yard and Garden program is growing. The popular horticulture television series will begin its 16th season on January 9, 2003, with new audiences across at least two states. Executive Producer Roger Boleman announced that the series will be broadcast on Minnesota's public television stations as well as on North Dakota Public television.