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Hancock Commerical Club Coloring Contest Winners

Abigail Boon, third in first and second grades.1 / 12
Dustin Nohl, first in fifth and sixth grades.2 / 12
Kendra Christianson, second in preschool and kindergarten.3 / 12
Kate Schaefer, first in first and second grades.4 / 12
Diana Rodriguez, third in third and fourth grades.5 / 12
Brady Luthi, first in third and fourth grade6 / 12
Kaylee Wink, third in fifth and sixth grades.7 / 12
Eli Feuchtenberger, second in third and fourth grades.8 / 12
Beau Haugen, second in first and second grades.9 / 12
Coleman Joos, first in preschool and kindergarten.10 / 12
Kaitlyn Staples, second in fifth and sixth grades.11 / 12
Grace Boon, third in preschool and kindergarten.12 / 12

The Hancock Commercial Club sponsored a Christmas coloring contest in partnership with the Stevens County Times this year.

The contest was for pre-kindergarten through sixth grade kids from Hancock. The contest had four age categories with winners in first through third places. First place receives $10, second place, $5 and third place, $2. Winners will be contacted about how to receive their cash prizes.

This year's winners are: pre-K through kindergarten: first, Coleman Joos, second, Kendra Christianson, and third, Grace Boon; first and second grades: first, Kate Schaefer, second Beau Haugen,and third, Abigail Boon; third and fourth grades: first, Brady Luthi, second, Eli Feuchtenberger,and third, Diana Rodriguez; fifth and sixth grades: first, Dustin Nohl, second, Kaitlyn Staples, and third, Kaylee Wink.