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90 Years Ago

Items taken from the Morris Tribune of November 25, 1927

Stevens County Is Good for Beekeepers- B. L. Morehouse, local commercial beekeeper, reported a total crop of 24,000 pounds of excellent quality honey, and aside from this total of extracted honey, he raised 1,200 pounds of comb honey. These amounts were produced from 200 colonies of bees, indicating an average of 120 pounds of honey per colony. Two other professional beekeepers living in Morris, E. C. Earley and Melford Olson, produced around twenty thousand pounds of extracted honey, thus making a total of over 40,000 pounds of extracted honey produced locally. This is only the second year for these beekeepers.

Red Owl Announces Opening- The Red Owl line of chain grocery stores announce the opening of their local store. They have rented what is known as the Danielson building from L. Goldberg, and have had the interior thoroughly renovated and redecorated. The arrangement also is changed so as to provide for self-service by customers when so desired. Henry Gaffney, who has had some twenty or more years of experience with the grocery trade in Morris, has been selected as manager of the local store.

80 Years Ago

Items taken from the Morris Sun of November 26, 1937

Max K. Gilstrap, "America's typical Boy Scout," will deliver a lecture at the Morris high school auditorium next week. Mr. Gilstrap will lecture on "Our National Parks." Mr. Gilstrap is co-author of the Scout Jamboree book. He was selected by a London newspaper as the typical American Scout among 1,300 American boys attending the World Boy Scout Jamboree in England in 1929.

The Lee Implement company, local John Deere dealer, has arranged a special program to be given at the Strand theater for farmers and their families. "Friendly Valley," an all-star Hollywood picture, will be the main feature of the all-day entertainment and educational meeting.

Start Laying Phone Cables- The first work on laying cable for the extensive improvement of the local Northwestern Bell Telephone company was started on Tuesday morning. Already 15 local men have been engaged to handle the work of putting up approximately 12,322 feet of aerial cable and laying approximately 4,590 feet of buried cable. About 2,000 feet of cable in small lengths will also be installed to lead into various buildings.

Pouring Cement for New Building- Excavation is done and ready for the West Central Construction company to erect the new building for John Georgis and Louis Anagnos next to the new Red Owl store. The pouring of cement for the new building was started on Tuesday and will be rushed to completion while straw is used to protect the drying cement against possible low temperatures. The building will be of brick. Mr. Georgis said again this week that the owners of the new building have not yet decided what use will be made of it.

Will Start Winter Training at Racing Stables in Morris-Three horses and four colts will start training at the Pomme de Terre racing stables next week. Giving the horses a rest after a vigorous schedule of races during the last summer that extended into fall when "Billy Mokin," was taken to Kentucky for the Lexington Trots, Trainer Les Young and owner B.J. Benfield of this city have made extensive improvements at the stables located at the fairgrounds here. The race track has been re-graded and put in the best possible shape for the winter training and the horse barn has been remodeled to accommodate the horses during the cold winter months. A false ceiling has been built to cover the rear half of the barn. Nine horses now occupy the stables.

Half of Work Done on Highway 59 Curve- With half of the stretch of road construction completed on highway No. 59, 11 miles north of Morris, where a curve is being taken out of the road near the Peter Falk farm, highway workers have now moved to the south end of the curve to start building the remaining half of the stretch. Construction of the new stretch now brings the road right through the lake bottom.

75 Years Ago

Items taken from the Hancock Record of November 27, 1942

J.E. West has purchased the Time Theatre equipment from Ben Molstre and will assume management of the theatre on December 1. Mr. West owned and operated theatres in several towns before coming to Hancock and is familiar with the moving picture business. He has already started overhauling the equipment, repairing the heating system and getting the building in shape so it will be comfortable in cold weather.

The Hancock High School basketball team will go into action for the first time this year next week against the St. Mary's five, of Morris. At present, Weise and Myers are being used at center; Schmidgall, Giese, W. Morton, Harstad and Krupke at forwards, and Beebe, Monson, R. Boon and J. Boon at the guards.

A telephone message to Mr and Mrs. C. J. Bordewick conveyed the information that their daughter, Mrs. Wayne Poehler, became the mother of twin girls. The Poehlers, who live at Youngstown, Ohio, have one son, Michael and wanted a girl so of course the twins are doubly welcome. Mrs. Poehler, the former Nancy Borewick, is herself a twin.

Recently word was received from the office of defense transportation that creameries would have to organize and plan routes in such a way that there would be no overlapping and in so doing cut down mileage. Following this general meeting several meetings were held by the board. Peter Erdahl was elected president of the board, Otto Christenson, vice president, and J. G. Maier, county agent, as secretary. The committee has already relocated the routes within the county to avoid overlapping.

Looks like the championship belt will have to be awarded to George Leuty and Fred Pasche as the real hunters from this section. The boys returned from the north woods with a fine buck, a doe, and three bears, the mother bear and two half grown cubs. With a deer on either front fender, a bear cub on top of each of them and the big bear stretched out on top of the car, it brought a crowd in a hurry when the boys pulled up to the front of the Stettner garage.