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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: On Tuesday we went to the Cities on "cushy buses" to Mill City Museum. It was very fun and the kids were fantastic. The younger grades went to the zoo in Freeport and we got to pet a penguin! Wednesday we were a bit tired but we still did a good job. We are looking forward to our days off!

Grade 1: We had our all-school field trip on Tuesday. We really learned a lot at the Mill City Museum in the cities. Hempker Farm Zoo was very neat also. We enjoyed learning about the many different animals they had. We even got to pet one of the penguins. We learned that flamingos are naturally white, but it is through their diet of crayfish that they are pink. If they did not eat so much crayfish they would be white.

Grade 2: The highlight of our week was our all-school trip to the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis and the zoo near Freeport. We learned about the operation of a flour mill at the museum and especially liked the Flour Tower where we rode an elevator to view different levels of the Mill while watching video clips and listening to a narration about the mill. At the zoo we enjoyed seeing a wide variety of animals and learning about them as our guide shared her knowledge of them. It was fun to have so many parents join us for the day.

Grade 3: Even though we had a short school week, we worked on word problems with unknown partners in math and completed unit one in our new reading book. On Tuesday morning our all-school trip found us at the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis and in the afternoon we helped pack food products at the "Feed My Starving Children" center in Coon Rapids. The learning experience made us realize how fortunate we are and how grateful we should be each day!

Grade 4: This week the students worked on finding a situation equation and solutions equation for math word problems. We also had the chance to go on a fabulous field trip. We visited the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis. We learned all about Minneapolis, the Mississippi River, and St. Anthony Falls. We had a chance to ride an elevator to learn all about the mill. We ended the day at "Feed My Starving Children".

Grade 5: The fifth graders worked on finding the area of triangles and parallelograms in math class. We also went on a field trip. In the morning we toured the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis and enjoyed that very much. In the afternoon we packed meals at "Feed My Starving Children". We packed 66 boxes of food while we were there. We could not have been more proud of the students as they worked so hard to help others. It was a great day!

Grade 6: We are learning about how the Bible is organized, how many books are in each section, and practicing how to find verses. In science we played games to refresh our memories about the elements on the periodic table and in math we are beginning to work with decimals.

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