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Talking it Over: Is retirement really all it's cracked up to be?

Katie Erdman

The older I get the more I start to think about retirement and the more I start to fear it. I am not sure if I will ever be ready to fully retire and certainly not in the near future.

I know many very happy retired people but also some who are not quite as delighted to stay home day after day. That would be my biggest fear. To spend every day at home, just watching the clock, TV re-runs or the driveway to see if someone comes to visit. I have heard that some retired people only leave the house to attend their doctor appointments, get groceries or go to church.

I like to keep up on what is going on, hear about new events, people or news in the community, stay current on technology, and share stories with co-workers. I believe some of this could also be accomplished with trips to senior centers, coffee shops, bars and other social places. However, it would just not be the same as the daily input and output that takes place in the work place.

Another fear I have about retirement is with health issues. It seems that quite often as soon as a person retires, their health tends to deteriorate. Not quite sure why this happens, but I have heard it numerous times. A perfectly healthy employee can turn into a retiree with aches and pains they never knew existed.

Once you retire you can also become an excellent candidate for people looking for volunteers, companions and daycare. After all, "you don't have anything else to do," is something heard often by retirees. What about all those projects you saved up for retirement?

If you are constantly helping others, they will continue to be put on the back burners.

I am not ready for retirement but I appreciate those who are. It is great that they are able to enjoy some years outside of the workforce and perhaps do things they really enjoy. Their retirement could also open up a job for a young person entering the job market. I think I will hang on to mine for a few more years though.