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Spanish chef cooks dinner at the University of Minnesota, Morris

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Morris campus and community members have the chance to expand their palates with Chef Cándido Filgueira from Spain, who is on campus today as part of Sodexo's Global Chef Program.

During his stop at UMM, Filgueira cooked a lunch-time menu of garlic soup, steak iberian (pork tenderloin), patatas fritas (fries) and rice pudding with vanilla beans and cinnamon. Filgueira will also be making dinner on campus, which community members are invited to attend.

Filgueira grew up in a traditional family of cooks and bakers in Galicia (a community in northwest Spain). Filgueira said his mother owned a bakery and both his father and brother were restaurant owners.

"Service and food go together like salt and pepper," said Filgueira. "And you need to know why you like [the food you cook]," he added, emphasizing that cooking is all about having a passion for what you do.

Filgueira will be traveling around Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota during the month of October.

As part of the Global Chef Program, Filgueira hopes to broaden people's palates with his simple, homemade food. His recipe for rice pudding, for example, only has four ingredients - milk, rice, cinnamon and vanilla beans.

"People need to open their minds," he said. "Yesterday I met people who eat three times a day the same food."

Filgueira has been working for Sodexo in Spain since 2005 where he is in charge of four cooking centers. Prior to working for Sodexo, Filgueira worked in Venezuela and Chicago, most recently at the Wyndham International Hotel.