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9F trapshooting season wraps up

Alberta Wildlife won the 9F Tournament. Pictured are team members (left to right) Roger Gausman, Jim Neal, Jim Hauglund, Bruce Johnson, Mark Holslin, Matt Marlow, and Mike McDonnell.

The 9F Sportsmen's Club trapshooting season has wrapped up for 2011.

This season's High Average went to Mark Holslin with a 24.3 Average.

Holslin shot a pair of 50 straights for the year and Ryan Smith shot a 50 Straight.

25 straights were shot by Mark Holslin with three, John Lembcke with two, Ryan Smith with two, Jim VanAlstine with two, and Matt Marlow, Jim Neal, Mike Olson, Jeff Boyle, Gary Smith, DeWayne Greiner, and Mike McDonnell with one apiece.

Team winners of the Shoot Offs went to Alberta Wildlife. Team members are Jim Hauglund, Mark Holslin, Bruce Johnson, Matt Marlow, Mike McDonnell, Jim Neal, and Roger Gausman.

Protection winners were Mark Holslin and Mike McDonnell.