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Talking it over - No fun to be sick

It is no fun to not feel good. Over the last couple weeks, I have been fighting illness, specifically pneumonia, and it has not been fun. I am slowly starting to feel better but still find I can't do many of the things I want to do before tiring out.

It is hard to be sick when you want to get work done. My garden is demanding some work as well as my home. There is a lot to be done here at work and many events to attend in the evening and on weekends. Keeping up with family activities can also keep you going.

However last week, most of those things simply had to take a back burner while I rested and helped the healing process. This was very difficult for someone like me. I don't like laying down in the middle of the day and taking a nap. I would rather cook the meals than have someone wait on me. As I sit in my chair, I am constantly thinking about the things I need to do. I even crawled into work three times last week just because I had to make sure certain things got done.

Whenever I tried to do more than I should of, I suffered. Finally, about Wednesday morning, I gave up and spent time just resting. For the next few days, I let my body heal and gave it some time. Slowly things started to turn around. I am on the mend but still not totally better. However, I can finally do some work and not feel like a wet wash rag afterward.

I decided that I really don't like being sick. I'm sure no one does, but I will try to do anything to not let this happen again. I don't care much for resting at home and don't like doctors threatening to put me in the hospital. I guess I will have to learn to take it easy when I start to feel something coming on and listen to the orders given. It may be difficult to do but better than the consequences.