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St Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: St. Mary's didn't have school on Monday but we had a full week anyway! We learned the word we this week so now we can read (I, can, we). We worked with the letter M and read many books that started with M.

Grade 1: This week first grade took our first math test. In social studies we are learning about our rights and our responsibilities. In science we learned more about plants, including what different plant parts we eat. We found it very interesting that when we eat carrots we are eating the roots of the plant. Our reading is taking off and we are working very hard.

Grade 2: We are learning about animal life in science class. On Tuesday we attended the Wetlands Field Day for area second graders. There were 10 stations that taught us about wetlands, bird watching, furs, glaciers, aquatic insects, prairie plants and fires and ducks. It was a perfect day for an outdoor classroom.

Grade 3: In math the third graders are discussing various methods of subtraction and subtracting across zeros. They decided they are not too fond of making proof drawings but need to know how in case they ever have to use the method. In social studies and daily geography practice they are talking about cardinal and intermediate directions on a compass rose. In art they are doing some activities with diagonal, vertical, and horizontal lines.

Grade 4: In fourth grade we are working hard on writing math problems and our multiplication and division facts. In reading we are working on writing from lists and the history of our name. We really enjoyed the presentation from the Science Museum and a trip out to SWELL for Conservation Day.

Grade 5: In science we are learning about matter and density. We did several activities showing how density can affect liquids and objects in them. We enjoyed a trip to SWELL for Conservation Day. We learned about reptiles, raptors and many more interesting topics.

Grade 6: The 4-6 grades participated in a presentation by the Science Museum titled "Energy Connections." We learned about the science of energy and ways to conserve energy. Thank you to Otter Tail Power Company for sponsoring the presentation. In reading we are reading about "Lost" cities and discussing the characters, plot and settings of each story.

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