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Talking It Over: A delicious time of year

Fall can mean a lot of things. Harvest, cooler temperatures, preparing for winter, hunting, and my favorite, Church suppers.

You can tell that the fall season is setting in when you start to see fliers and advertisements for lutefisk, meatball, chicken, or turkey suppers at area churches. For many of these churches, the fall supper has been a tradition for decades and attracts many of the same followers each year.

We have a few annual church suppers that we like to attend and it just doesn't seem right if we miss them. You tend to know exactly what to expect in both taste and menu. You can also usually count on a raffle, silent auction or bazaar tied in with the meal.

Bazaars are also regular fall events that I have enjoyed. Several years ago there seemed to be a bazaar at every church with many overlapping on the same weekend. You could spend an entire morning going to bazaars and finish up with a delicious meal at one of them. I recall one of the most popular aspects of these events was the bake sale featuring homemade breads, pies, bars, jams and jellys.

There doesn't seem to be quite as many bazaars as in those days but the ones that are still being held are wonderful. The people in these organizations put a lot of work into them which is appreciated by many who attend.

It is a delicious time of year not only because of all the fresh garden produce but because of the great ways cooks across the area put them to use and share through suppers and sales. All we have to do is attend and enjoy. I can handle that whenever I am given the opportunity.