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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: If anyone has seen the Gingerbread Boy we are still looking for him! We worked on reading and reciting some nursery rhymes and read some new books. We also did some patterning and number writing. We celebrated Talia Kill's birthday on Monday, and got to take in the homecoming parade on Friday--Go Tigers!

Grade 1: This week in reading we focused on words with the short 'a' sound. We read the fairy tale "The Princess and the Pea." In science we are learning about plants and their different parts. We did a science experiment where we put celery in colored water for several hours and we got to see how the water travels up the stem to the leaves. In math we are still talking about number partners--smaller numbers that go together to make larger numbers.

Grade 2: In reading we are working on writing a personal narrative and reviewing the short e, i and u sounds. Many of our spelling words for the week use these sounds. In science class we finished our unit on plant life. When we uncovered the leaves of a plant we had placed foil on, we found that they turned yellow due to lack of sunlight.

Grade 3: The third graders took their Iowa Test of Basic Skills this week. They worked on their Fire Prevention Week Posters and completed their Words Are: "Encouraging" painting which will be hung in the computer lab/library with the other class paintings. We thank Michael Eble and Oliver for their assistance with this project. We all enjoyed the Shrine Circus in Willmar on Friday. Special thanks to the American Legion and Lions for their support so we can attend and to Bob Burner who helped make the local arrangements.

Grade 4: The fourth graders have been busy with standardized testing this week. We have also been working on beginning to write in our writer's notebooks. Our first entries were on the history of our names. We read a great story written by Kevin Henkes called Chrysanthemum to start the conversation about names.

Grade 5: The fifth graders are glad to be done with standardized testing this week. We did read a fun story by Kevin Henkes called Chrysanthemum; which started a great conversation about names and why they are important. We then created an entry in our writer's notebooks on the history of our name--or why our parents chose to name us what they did.

Grade 6: Thank you to everyone that came to our carnival and bingo on Sunday. This week we reviewed the liturgical calendar and played bingo using the terms we learned. We discussed different types of sentences and practiced writing each kind.

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