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Morris Area Schools and Detroit Lakes Area Learning Center are partnering to provide extended day learning opportunities for students. Targeted Services is very similar to Tiger Tracks that was offered in the elementary school last year.

Targeted Services is offered for 7th and 8th grades and Credit Recovery for 9th - 12th grades.

These two new programs assist students in becoming better students and citizens. Targeted Services primarily focuses on three areas: academic skills, school skills, and social skills. Its primary focus is on academic instruction and remediation, but supports the whole learner. Credit Recovery primarily focuses on getting students caught up with their credit requirements. Students who have not acquired enough credit, or who have failed a class would qualify for this program. These programs are taught by Morris Area (local) licensed teachers with occasional help from well-trained para professionals.

Here are some great things about this opportunity:

• Taught by a licensed teacher

• Low student to teacher ratio

• Students have additional time for learning new skills, and improving old skills

• Prepares children for future success in specific curricular areas, especially on grade level assessments

• No cost to participate

• Redeem credits during the school year rather than during the summer

Who qualifies for these programs?

Children can be referred to these programs by parents, teachers, or community service providers. Targeted Services is a prevention program intended to address the needs of each individual learner in order to meet state standards. Credit Recovery is designed for students who have failed a class and needs to redeem credits that were lost. Once a child is referred, the school will determine eligibility and you will be notified whether they are or are not eligible.

Both programs will run from 3:20-4:50 p.m., Mondays- Thursdays. There is no cost for the programs.

If you have any questions about Targeted Services or the Credit Recovery program, please contact Principal Mike Coquyt at 320-589-4400 or email

Upcoming Events

September 26: Explore Test (8th grade) - PLAN Test (10th grade) - ASVAB Test (11th grade)

September 29: FLEX Day

October 3: 7-12 Choir Concert

October 4: Mid-term

October 12: 2-Hour Late Start