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Talking it Over: Can You Ever Have Too Many Dolls?

Katie Erdman

In my opinion a young child can never have too many dolls. A doll for each arm is just not enough. You should also have one for your bed, in strollers, tiny cribs, buggies and even a tub full of extras.

This is in total disagreement with my daughter. She keeps telling me that her daughters (my granddaughters) have too many dolls. I beg to differ.

When I was growing up I had two dolls: a baby doll and a Barbie doll. I longed for more dolls. Each Christmas and on their birthdays my friends would get a new doll. I just smiled and continued to play with my doll.

In reality, there were several dolls in our house but there were also five girls so you each only had one you could call your own and the rest were shared.

Therefore, I am a firm believer that you can't have too many dolls.

This is a dilemma with the approach of my granddaughter's fourth birthday. She keeps telling me she wants a new doll and her mommy keeps saying she has enough.

To be honest, she does have a lot of dolls. There are naked babies all over the house, both at her home and at ours. This summer I tried to help that cause by buying her some doll clothes instead of more dolls. She was thrilled with the new dresses. The next time I stopped at her house I noticed the pretty dress cutely adorning one of her teddy bears and the poor dolls were still naked.

I just might have to get her another doll, plus some clothes for her birthday. I suggested to my daughter that she could bring some of the dolls to the Salvation Army for other little children to enjoy. I am sure my granddaughter already has her favorites and she won't miss some of the others.

This just might make more room for a new doll on her birthday and maybe even at Christmas. I am a sucker for getting a child the gift they really want, if it is within my means, even if they don't really need it and their parents disagree.