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Talking it over: Think safety first

There are a couple of very important weeks observed each year in September. Sadly, however, many people simply ignore them and assume that the consequences could never happen to them.

These special weeks are set aside to focus on Farm Safety and School Bus Safety. During this time there are trainings, observances and words of caution for those involved in farming or ride on school buses. Many schools have special excercises where students are taught some vital safety issues. Farmers are cautioned to think safety first in their busy fall activities.

These special weeks are set aside to focus on these priorities and hopefully get the message across for safe operations. If even one life can be saved by getting this information out and making people more aware of it, then every minute of the week is important.

The busy farm harvest season is about to begin and sometimes safety is not always the first thing on your mind. I encourage you to take the time to be aware and careful. Know what is ahead of you, behind you and all around you. Stop and think before you act. A few minutes spent on safety can save a life or a limb.

Remind your children about bus safety. Caution them to sit, not stand, in a moving bus. Help them help others by knowing bus safety rules. Inform them about emergency exits and demand that they act appropriately while a bus passenger.

It is a week to think about safety. Have you taken precautions to keep those you care about safe? Not only on a bus or a farm but in everything they do. Safety should be a priority.